Ferndale Worldwide

Ferndale Pharma Group, Inc. has a global presence that enables us to fulfill international needs. We have commercial relationships with partners in major global markets to facilitate key business requirements from product sales and marketing to packaging and distribution.

Ferndale International

Ferndale International is primarily focused on out-licensing a wide range of the products available through Ferndale Pharma Group companies to local partners worldwide. Both finished and bulk products with a variety of packaging are exported from our US base to more than 20 markets globally. Manufacturing operations have been set up with local partners in Europe and South America. As our range of products increases and priorities change, we continue to seek additional partners with whom we can explore new opportunities around the world.

For more information please contact:

Sem Davies

Ferndale Pharmaceuticals and Aestheticare®

Located in Wetherby, United Kingdom, Ferndale Pharmaceuticals Ltd specializes in providing skin care and topical therapeutic products. Ferndale Pharmaceuticals Ltd was founded in 2003 and supplies its products to hospitals and pharmacies. Aestheticare® supplies aesthetic professionals and their clients throughout the UK and certain European markets with a wide array of skin rejuvenation and enhancement products.

Our goal at Ferndale Pharmaceuticals Ltd is not to be the biggest but the best at what we do. We focus on looking after our customers by concentrating on:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Customer services
  • Training
  • Development of the product portfolio

The business is supported by reliable partners who provide outsourced services such as manufacturing, regulatory, distribution, and finance.

For more information, visit ferndalepharma.co.uk and aestheticare.co.uk.